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ClubWPT Bonus Code: Step by Step Guide

If you wish to select ClubWPT for playing poker online it’s a good idea. I like this poker room because of its risk free offer. If you are new to the world of online gambling this room is the best place for you to start. If you have experience it offers great opportunities for winning money. But there is one thing you should always keep in mind: you need to register there using best ClubWPT Bonus Code for getting maximum benefits! This guide will tell you which code is the best and how to use it.

Best Bonus Code – Benefits

First things first. You need to understand why using proper code is very important. When you create a new account at ClubWPT you will be asked to enter promo code. This practice is traditional for every poker room. For example PokerStars offer 100% up to $600 first deposit bonus.

But the main difference of WPT Club from other poker rooms is that the it doesn’t have deposit system at all and thus there are no deposit promotions there. If you wish to receive 100% deposit bonus you will fail because there are no deposits. The room can’t double your money just because you don’t put them to your account for playing. If you see a website that tells you can get X percent of extra cash at this poker room – don’t trust. This is scam!

You may feel bad after the words above, but don’t judge too fast. The fact that you can’t double your money doesn’t mean you can’t get other great benefits. WPT Poker Club understands importance of different promotions and they have great alternative to traditional bonuses.

Use Bonus Code 100FREEVIP and receive 2 WEEKS of FREE TRIAL!

What does that mean? As you already know ClubWPT uses subscription system. It is unusual but such system has a lot of advantages over traditional approach. When new player arrives he doesn’t need to deposit money. He needs to purchase VIP membership in order to receive access to games with real money prizes. That’s simple: you purchase 1 month of VIP access at a low cost and receive opportunity to play as much as you wish.

The only disadvantage of VIP account is that you need to purchase it. Not all people are ready to pay for it without a try. But 100FREEVIP gives you amazing opportunity to try VIP subscription for 2 weeks without spending a cent.

All you need to benefit from this brilliant offer is to create a new account at WPT Poker Club using the bonus code written above. After you do this you have opportunity to claim this Free Trial.

Reasons to Try

Why this offer is better than 100% deposit bonus at other rooms?

  • The main reason is because it’s absolutely FREE! You don’t need to spend a cent to benefit from it. There are no hidden payments or fees. Traditional rooms ask you to pay money and then participate in real money games. But ClubWPT doesn’t want money from you. You can test this poker room for 2 weeks without any deposits and purchases. You pay nothing for an opportunity to test real money games. Have you ever seen such offer? I believe NO!
  • The second reason to give it a try is because your account will be temporarily upgraded to VIP and you will see all the benefits of being a VIP player. All offers and games will be available. You can play any game you wish: holdem, Omaha or even casino games.
  • The third reason is that you don’t need to clean the bonus. In traditional rooms you have to earn certain amount of points in order to be able to withdraw winnings. But there are no such terms here. After the trial period is over you are free to continue playing without any extra terms. No cleaning is required!
  • The fourth reason is that you will not be forced to purchase VIP account after testing period is finished. You can simply leave without continuing. Just don’t forget to cancel your Trial through support.

On my opinion 100FREEVIP ClubWPT Bonus Code is the best in 2016! Use it to start your poker career. You don’t pay money, you don’t have obligations. Everything is for you! Don’t miss this chance. If I were you I would definitely claim this offer.

How to Use?

That’s pretty simple. Click the yellow area above, you will be redirected to ClubWPT. Copy code 100FREEVIP and enter it into bonus code field during registration. Just copy and paste. All letters must be uppercase. No quotes or spaces are required.

ClubWPT Bonus Code Field

Hope this guide will help you to get more benefits from playing at this amazing poker site. See you at the tables and good luck!