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Heads Up Poker

Heads up poker game is a game with only two participants. It’s like a duel. Two players are fighting between each other in order to win money. There are different heads up games: traditional ring games and even tournaments. This article will tell you about differences of such games from traditional 8-max and 6-max games and about how to act in order to win.

It is exceptionally crucial that you examine and take in the best techniques to succeed in your poker diversion. The heads up poker technique helps you to turn into a command champ in 1 vs 1 poker tournaments and games. There are a huge number of such games online every day, and the reliable players that win consistently take after an itemized heads up poker methodology. With a specific end goal to be the best player in the tournament it is fundamental that you take after a decently cut poker method. There are a few separate methodologies poker players must take in examination to your common full table recreations.

First of all you should understand that the number of players at the table affects your strategy a lot. Why? That’s because of several factors:

  1. You have to pay “blinds” every hand and thus have to play aggressively
  2. Position becomes very important
  3. Pre-flop probabilities are changed

Playing 1 versus 1 obliges you to change your common hand values. Hand qualities diminish when you are just playing one rival. No more do you have to overlap the dominant part of your hands. Aggressive strategy obliges you play no less than 75% of your hands. Why? Because if you don’t blind’s will crush your stack. Moreover, when you play against 8 players, the probability to see a descent hand is rather high. One of your opponents will most likely have something strong. But when you have only one opponent the chances that he was dealt strong hand are low. That’s why most of the unprofitable hands at 8-max tables become great when you play 1 on 1. For example suited Q8 or J9 are great for raise in HU, but are absolutely useless for 8-max most of the time.

It is redundant that you play each hand. In the meantime it is redundant that you play just the best hands. It’s vital for heads up poker players to understand the less adversaries they face implies the more improbable a rival has a solid hand, in this way bringing about players to play there hands with animosity. Regardless of the fact that you are losing few chips on the play on the off chance that you continue collapsing little blinds this makes your adversary expect that you have a decent hand and accordingly raise the enormous visually impaired.

On the off chance that you have great match on your side, then playing the hand gradually permits the forceful rivals to stay in a hand longer in the trusts of taking the pot. Don't play in the same way, keep switching your heads up poker technique from enormous register raises,to limping with checking the stream; this befuddles the other player. Confounding your rival is the thing that heads up poker procedure is about.


Position is vital to winning in heads up poker. By having great position in the amusement you ought to be controlling and driving the wager that issues you chance to win the fight. When you utilize this system the chances support you in controlling the hand and being the attacker. When you are in the right position then you have the opportunity to watch over your rival to know his method for playing alongside his shortcoming and this helps you to use sound judgment.

Note that heads up poker rules differ from traditional 8-max. In HU:

  • Dealer always puts Small Blind, while his opponent puts Big Blind.
  • At the pre-flop dealer acts first, while his opponent acts second.
  • At the Flop and later Big Blinds acts first.

The position is crucial and Dealer’s position is the best for HU. If the stacks are short (<10 BB) you have to choose “Push – Fold” strategy because blinds will destroy you fast. If you are on Dealer’s position, your push allows to take BB of your opponent very often. That’s because your opponent must have decent hand in order to make a call.

If the size of stack is big, button is always in late position on the Flop and later and can act according to actions of the opponent. That’s also very important. There is one very good rule for HU: try to play as much hands as possible when you are on Dealer’s position and play carefully when you are on BB.

A decent heads up poker method is not to be understanding, it is key that you play forcefully with a specific end goal to win. You ought to deliberately dissect the rival and his moves. At that point with the heads up poker method you can learn new systems and change yourself into an overwhelm compel on the tables. Playing inverse of your rival is frequently a key to ruling the tables.