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Online Poker - Beginner's Guide

The online arena is becoming a very vibrant place; with so many traditional businesses and opportunities finally making the leap to the internet, it was only a matter of time before poker finally found its place on the web.

This game has been going strong for a very long time, attracting players from all around the world; however for those individuals that are new to the field, whose understanding of the game is limited to the physical world, transitioning to online poker might present some challenges.

Online Poker Beginner's Guide

If you know how to play poker the traditional way, making the transition is, truthfully, not likely to present that big of a challenge, so long as you clear some very basic hurdles

- The Website

Before you can play online, you are going to have to select a website; there are myriads of online casinos through which one can best go about meeting their poker needs. The key lies with avoiding all the fraudulent sites on the internet waiting to take advantage of ignorant players.

As such it is important that your properly investigate any site you are interested in before you start trusting it with your money; consider looking through a few reviews to discover what previous users of the poker sites in question have to say before making any final decisions.

The right site should be able to successfully guide you through the process of transitioning to the online poker arena.

- Poker Client

This is software you will have to download once you locate and choose to enter into contract with a given site; once installed, a poker client will provide you with the control panel you will need to play poker on the website. You will have to undergo registration, this requiring that you provide some basic information about yourself.

Having a client provides you the option of playing poker games at any point in time; however you could just as easily look around without playing or depositing any money.

- The Rules

Before making any rash decisions about your money, it is imperative that you take the time to understand the rules of the game, especially if you have never played it before. For beginners, Texas Hold’em is a great starting point. It is highly popular among the majority of players. Do not attempt to play any games or wager any money until you understand the ranking of the hands, how to utilize the dealer button, the order of play, how to make the best use of the blinds and who is dealt first. Be sure to maser the betting structure of poker before you take risks with real money.

- Getting Started

If you not only understand the rules of poker but you have a clear grasp of the online betting process, and have also taken the time to locate a few trustworthy website options, you can start your journey to playing online poker by picking a poker room. This is a decision you should make based on the features and games on offer.

As mentioned above, sites with Texas Hold’em are preferable; you should prioritize rooms with practice tables which should allow you some breathing space to find your bearings.

With your poker room chosen, download a poker client, run the software, initiate the registration process (providing the necessary personal details) and confirm your email address, at which point you should be ready to go.

Remember, any website which insists that you deposit money before this stage should be viewed with some suspicion; certainly some legitimate websites will compel you to take advantage of bonus offers, but you are under no obligation to deposit money just yet.

With the registration process complete, you can get started. Look around first and determine if the poker room is right for you. You can just as easily delete your poker client and try another poker room.

Some sites have been known to offer attractive bonuses to new players; these should be your first choice. Once you locate a favorable poker room, you can deposit your money and begin playing. Most websutes provide simple instructions for beginners to follow.

The question that often arises is whether there is any difference between live and online poker; in truth the only major change is the speed. Live poker is so much slower than online poker (within which one might see more than 200 hands in an hour). Admittedly, for some people, the lack of human interactions can take away the fun.

But, other than the human component, online poker can prove to be just as profitable as live poker.