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What is ClubWPT Free Trial and How to Get it?

If you are reading this page you want some information about what ClubWPT Free Trial is. This article will tell you everything about this amazing promotion. You will find out how to benefit from it and how to use this period for getting as many bonuses as possible.

What is Free Trial about?

I don’t know how many information you have read about ClubWPT so I will explain everything in details. The first thing you must understand: this room doesn’t use traditional deposit system. As you know in all other poker rooms your first action after registration is making a deposit. You have to put some money to your account in order to start playing real money games. This system is used by all poker sites, but not by WPT Club.

When you create a new account at ClubWPT you have access to play money games only. In order to be able to win real money you need to buy VIP Subscription. This subscription plan allows player to compete for real money in special tourneys. After the plan is purchased you receive certain amount of Tournament points which can be spent for tourneys.

The core difference of this approach from what you have seen in other rooms is that you don’t need to deposit funds. You don’t deposit and thus you don’t put your money at risk. You can control your spending.

This is what Subscription Based poker room means. Club WPT is the only place in the internet that uses such unusual system. That’s why it may look very unusual in the beginning. Subscription, Tournament Points, VIP Access, deposit is not required… Strange words for poker room owners.

You may also consider that this offer is strange. Why should you try this room with such unusual offers if there are many other rooms with familiar system? The answer is that because this room is really great for beginners and it allows you to test everything for FREE with Trial Period!

ClubWPT Free Trial is an amazing promotion for all newcomers. With this promo you can play poker games as if you were VIP member for 2 weeks. That’s a really, really attractive offer. Have you ever seen a poker site that offers to play real money games and withdraw prizes for nothing??? You don’t need to deposit, you don’t need to do any other actions. Just create a new account and claim your Trial!


  • The first and the most impressive fact is that this offer is costs nothing. You will not be asked to pay for it. You will not be forced to make deposit (because there is no deposit system). You will not be asked to purchase something. Everything is clear – you register, claim offer and play.
  • During this Trial Access your Basic account receives upgrade to VIP for 2 weeks. You become full VIP member without any restrictions. You can access any games including poker, casino and Omaha. You can access locked parts of the website and read all the guides there. You will see what VIP subscription means and you will be able to make a decision about if you want to continue.
  • You can withdraw everything you win during the testing period! Even if you don’t want to continue playing at ClubWPT you can still withdraw the money you have earned. Do you understand how cool the offer is? You pay nothing but receive chance to raise some money.
  • Aster the VIP testing is over you can purchase subscription and continue as VIP or you can cancel and stay as Basic member. Nobody will force you to purchase. You can return to Basic membership plan and continue playing play money. VIP subscription will stay available to you. It’s possible to become VIP any time later.
  • You can benefit from ClubWPT Free Trial offer only once. There is only one chance for you to try it. You can claim it any time but only once.

How to Claim?

First of all you need to create a new account at ClubWPT using bonus code 100FREEVIP The code must be entered in ClubWPT Bonus Code field during registration. Enter the code with uppercase letters. I recommend you to copy and paste it from here. No spaces are required. Just enter it as one word.

Use Bonus Code 100FREEVIP and receive 2 WEEKS of FREE TRIAL!

After you have created new account visit the dashboard and claim your trial. There are 3 steps.

Step 1: Click “Learn More” button in sidebar. It’s located in VIP Only block.

Step 1

Step 2: Click “try Free for 14 Days”

Step 2

Step 3: Enter all the required details and you are in! Enjoy your temporary VIP status, play poker and have fun. See you at the tables!